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Ansible Playbook/Postman API queries of Rulebase prints Hex Format instead of ip addr/port/app/site

Hi Folks,

Need your help with couple of queries.

1. I am trying to print the rulebase (with/without filters) through Ansible playbook (access_rule_facts module of checkpoint collection), but, it prints the result in Hex format (not readable), not the way how it populates the value in smart console rules. How can I print it in normal ip addr/port number/application/site format? tried doing it through postman and result was same. Postman Output:

            "track": {
            "source": [
            "destination": [
            "service": [
Ansible Playbook: 
- name: AccessRules_Information_playbook
hosts: check_point
connection: httpapi
gather_facts: false
ansible_checkpoint_domain: "My DMS Name"
- name: Show URL Filtering Policy
details_level: standard
limit: 10
offset: 0
name: FW_Policy Application
use_object_dictionary: true
register: result
ignore_errors: True
- name: Rules information
msg: "{{ result.ansible_facts['access-rulebase'] }}"


2. Is it possible to filter the output by source, destination, port and action? I assume if we choose to filter, then we need loop to print the same for all the rules. Is it possible within Ansible Playbook?

Any help here would be appreciated.


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You might try the regular REST API for the second question:
Possible this is also doable with Ansible

For the first question, you might need to use use_object_dictionary: false to get results that aren’t uuids.

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