Alexander Kim

New Gaia features (Dynamic CLI and REST API) are available !

Blog Post created by Alexander Kim Employee on Jan 21, 2019

Remember the teasers about new Gaia features in EA (REST API and Dynamic CLI) ?


So, we are glad to let you know that both features are now available for download, and have public SKs with all relevant information :


Ender (REST API) - sk143612


Dynamic CLI - sk144112


Please, feel free to try them out, and let us know what you think.


You can use GAIA_TECH@MICHAEL.CHECKPOINT.COM  forum to ask questions and share your experience, so that more people will get the sense of those features.


We will be showing both features in upcoming CPX, with live demo in Tech Room. Let me know if you want to meet there and discuss specific use-cases or roadmap.