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Guillaume six
Hello,   i'm trying to modify objects colors using mgmt_cli. it's working with simple colors. but doesn't on two or three words colors   add host name host_1 ip-address an_ip color "dark orange" error: The parameters of add-host command should be provided in pairs (key and value). You have provided an odd number of parameters which suggests… (Show more)
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John Lovinggood
About 6 months ago, CP gave us a script to run from Provider 1 to grab all gateways and their corresponding model/software version. However, it was a very inconsistent result. Meaning that, some (active) gateways came back with just host name and IP and then some came back with host name/IP/OS Version/model number.   Anybody aware of a way to… (Show more)
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Marco Valenti
That's look a tricky question indeed , let assume I don' t want to bring dirty stuff from an old management station but I want only to export and then import objects and services , with cpmiquerybin getting those info is pretty (not)straightforward and then importing to r80 with a simple csv is a task already accomplished. What about policies… (Show more)
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Dylan Jensen
Here's a little one liner to reset the expert password on 1100, might work with other models but I've never tried it.   Must be ran from the management server. $CPDIR/bin/cprid_util -server <IP of 1100> -verbose rexec -rcmd /bin/bash -c "cd /pfrm2.0/config1 ; rm expert_pass_"   After you run that, ssh into the 1100. Enter expert and now… (Show more)
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Timothy Morty
Evening all   Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. Bear in mind, I am not a Cisco expert but I'm working with existing ASA config that is working in production...   SmartMove parses the config fed to it (ASA Version 9.1(4) after converting 8.2 config via online conversion tools). I've cleaned up all of the… (Show more)
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when on the MDS if we forget to provide the domain where the objects are getting created? if its not visible on the global policy. mgmt_cli login user <user> password <passwd>  > id.txt
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Kim Moberg
This is quite cool. I am in first place trying to create a script using the SmartConsole CLI to setup lan2lan with an interoperative device.  How do I create a interoperative device, so that I can add my encryption domain to it?   my steps are:   Create a Network  Create a Interoperative Device Add Network to topology for Interoperative Device… (Show more)
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Marc Guyard
Hi,   How can we retreive output for run-script API command ? I can see result on Dashboard but it's possible to have this by API ? Thanks
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yasemen karakoc
Hi,   What is the minimum privilege for send sam rule from API? We don't want to do this with admin account. Is this possible?   Any advice about this issue would be appreciated.   Thanks, Yasemen
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Is there a Check Point tool to easily convert hexadecimal values to IP addresses on the CLI?   I use the following lines in scripts:   hexaddr=$(echo 12cd34ef) ipaddr=$(printf "%d." $(echo $hexaddr | sed 's/../0x& /g' | tr ' ' '\n' | tac) | sed 's/\.$/\n/') echo $ipaddr   Is there an easier way?   Regards Heiko
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