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Michael Poublon
Hey all,   I am looking for an easy way to query the cpview data in order to create some graphs (cpu, memory and other stats during last 30 days). Has anyone done this? Any insight would be great. Thanks
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Fredrik Holmberg
Hi,   After messing with the run-script API call for automating several things on R80, I noticed that it does not filter/mask user credentials and other sensitive data sent to it. Everything gets stored in the Recent Tasks log (bottom left corner).   Here's an example from provisioning a VS using vsx_provisioning_tool:     Had to switch to… (Show more)
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Phillip Runner
I am using the REST API to create access-rules.  As part of the process, I'd like to validate that the rule name that the customer is submitting doesn't already exist in the rulebase/layer.  I was thinking I'd use 'show-access-rulebase' to export all the rules in the layer and then look for rule name matches.    The code I have to do this works. … (Show more)
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Anil Kumar
Hi, can someone help me build a cronjob for the MDS_backup without the logs? I do not know the script to build this cronjob. I would appreciate if someone could help me with the script, to schedule the job every Friday morning 8:15 AM. Appliance: SMART-1 50 Appliance Thanks in advance.
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Heiko Ankenbrand
Is there a Check Point tool to easily convert hexadecimal values to IP addresses on the CLI?   I use the following lines in scripts:   hexaddr=$(echo 12cd34ef) ipaddr=$(printf "%d." $(echo $hexaddr | sed 's/../0x& /g' | tr ' ' '\n' | tac) | sed 's/\.$/\n/') echo $ipaddr   Is there an easier way?   Regards Heiko
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Daniel Sceberras
Hi Guys,   I'm trying to link the public IP address as shown in vpn tu to the object name, I know the objects are assigned an internal IP of 0.0.0.x, is this number consistent?   My main goal here is to analyse the VPN's public IP address and check when it changes as they are configured as DAIP on the 1430's, unfortunately the vpn sub commands… (Show more)
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Bogdan Radu
Hi all,   I am starting to play with Ansible playbooks, but either I don't understand the Checkpoint published Ansible documentation, or the way it works is a bit strange.   As far as I have read in the documentation and in the examples, the playbooks are ran on the local Ansible server (localhost), but still there is a section to define the… (Show more)
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Hi Community,   this week I recognized that I never have checked if there is a benefit in using SmartConsole's Scripts repository.     After reading Article of the Week - Check Point Packet Injector I decided to implement my first script which could be helpful on daily basis. It is calling the Packet Injector via SmartConsole and shows the… (Show more)
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Siva Vignesh
Hi all,   I am really interested to do scripting on our Checkpoint platform, I don’t have knowledge on any programming language except C and C++, In my case what language should i learn and in what language we will be doing scripting in Checkpoint.
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