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Leon Hung
When creating new objects, it costs over 10 mins to create around 200 objects. Is there anyway to improve API performance when creating objects and ploices? Cheers.
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yongjun jin
Hello. I develop firewall application using Management API  Reference.   in web-service, show-access-rule give us hits Object include first-date, last-date, level, percentage, value. (Check Point - Management API reference )   but I only received hits Object include percentage, value. "hits" : { "percentage" : "0%", "value" : 0 },   Can I… (Show more)
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John Lovinggood
About 6 months ago, CP gave us a script to run from Provider 1 to grab all gateways and their corresponding model/software version. However, it was a very inconsistent result. Meaning that, some (active) gateways came back with just host name and IP and then some came back with host name/IP/OS Version/model number.   Anybody aware of a way to… (Show more)
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I'm trying to write a simple ansible play, containing only a login and a logout task, by following the instructions found here: .   My playbook looks like this: --- - hosts: "firewalls"   tasks:   - name: "login"     check_point_mgmt:       command: login       parameters:         username:… (Show more)
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Hi there,     I'm currently playing around with the Threat Prevention API and my goal is to create a web interface to upload a suspicious file to the (on premise) Sandblast appliance.     This is my current partly working Python(Flask) code:     @app.route('/upload', methods=['GET', 'POST']) def upload():     if request.method == 'POST':… (Show more)
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Chris Williams
I have a question about how to use the web api to run the run-script. We have a security concern with our current setup. We are using “Check Point's software version R80.10 - Build 423”. Integrated with Aruba and the identity access blade.   We have a beautiful integration with Aruba sending a post to Check Point, and then removing it when a user… (Show more)
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Trupti Deshmukh
Hi,   Looking for R80.10 security gateway configuration management (e.g. configuring routes, DHCP, snmp etc config) using Python script. Please share helpful information.
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Hi, I'm a newbie on the R80.10 API and face a basic problem: cannot login through the API.   I created a testapi user with super user privilege but cannot login with it through the api but can using the mgmt command after connecting to my management server (see two attached screen shots from SmartConsole with general view of the configuration &… (Show more)
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