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Anil Kumar
Hi, can someone help me build a cronjob for the MDS_backup without the logs? I do not know the script to build this cronjob. I would appreciate if someone could help me with the script, to schedule the job every Friday morning 8:15 AM. Appliance: SMART-1 50 Appliance Thanks in advance.
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Benny Dadon
i'm using R80.10 api for rundeck based automation on the firewall manager. I need to Create Ldap based usergroup via the api, on the documentation there is only a way to create objects(Host,Segment,Service) and there is no information how to create Ldap group. I tried using DB inspection tool, but the the Ldap groups I've created manually won't… (Show more)
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Raj Khatri
I'm trying to use the Management API to create multiple network objects and then populate them into a group.  I have syntax working, however, when executing SmartConsole crashes and only imports ~150 networks.  There are 3000+ networks to be created.  Is there a limitation of number of entries that can be imported via SmartConsole CLI?   I'm… (Show more)
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Lari Luoma
Hey, Has anyone installed mgmt_cli on Ubuntu (no Check Point installation on this server)? Which libraries etc. do I need to get it working?   Thanks!
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Andrei Popisteru
Hello CheckMates!   Could you provide me a hint on how to use args parameter in API (v1.1) call run-script to pass arguments to an OS command or script ? Using args with mgmt._cli, postman, SCconsole returns a failed task.   e. g. :   mgmt._cli -r true -f json run-script script-name "ping" script "ping" args " -c1" targets.1… (Show more)
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Xavier Koenig
Just wondering before I create my own, if anyone has crafted an interactive SAM script to block malicious IPs on the fly from a primary SMS. We are working our way towards automation using R80's management API, but in the meantime it would be really handy to be able to fire off a script that immediately blocks a specific IP address while we work… (Show more)
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John Doe
Hello all,   I'm working on a web portal to manage unused rules. I need to get all hits counts every day. I request my web API (R80.10) using "curl" command.   But...there is something weird (or out of my understanding) : I check on a specific rule. I creates 3 requests for this rule : 1. pull hits counts from 2018-09-16T00:00:00 to… (Show more)
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Bryan Lee
What is the permission required for API to create a gateway object?   I have created a role using custom mode so I can remove the excessive privilege later, and I have assigned all the possible privilege with write permission. I am still getting run time error when creating a simple gateway object from ansible. It works find if the role is given… (Show more)
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I have mulitple policy packages that have a security layer and a application layer. The application layer appeared after importing from migrate import from R77, i do not want it. I would like to remove this layer from all these policy packages.   The application layer has only 1 rule Any -> Internet -> accept -> detailed log :accounting   I… (Show more)
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Samiron Mallick
Hello,   I have a management server running R80.10, which has almost 20 devices connected and has hundreds of rules defined. I wanted to disable rules that are not in use currently via Web API using Python script. Please guide me if there is way to do the same.   Please help me.
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