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Alain Yamin
Hello CheckMates, I'm trying to get the full output of cpview on a gateway from the manager CLI using cprid_util and I'm only getting the stderr: CPView: Failed windows size ioctl with 25, Inappropriate ioctl for device. I'm guessing it's because the shell cannot set a window size since it's a remote command. Would there be a way to fix my… (Show more)
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Nicholas Doropoulos
I am trying to import a set of NAT policies which exist in a csv file. The file's headings are the following:   package position original-source translated-source original-destination translated-destination original-service translated-service enabled   The problem occurs when I run the following command:   mgmt_cli add nat-rule --batch [csv… (Show more)
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Vishnu Kumar
Hi All,   Currently we are using 5 managment server having os R77.30. Each management server is managing 1 HA pair of secuity gateways.   Now I am palnning to merge the database of all Managment server, so that we can manat all gateways from single managment server.   Can anybody help me to know how we can merge the database of these managment… (Show more)
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Michael Nemeth
Hello Guys I am trying to create interoperable device via python web API (I have v1.1) I have this payload to put into commend 'add-generic-object' object = {     'create': 'com.checkpoint.objects.classes.dummy.CpmiGatewayPlain',     'name': deviceName,     'ipaddr': deviceIP,     'thirdPartyEncryption': True,     'osInfo': {         'osName':… (Show more)
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Malte Bockelmann
Click to view contentHey,   Refrence to the post show-access-rulebase along with inline layers , we've managed to display inline layers with the show-acccess-rulebase command. But now as soon as we use any filter, the commands output is empty. The same search settings in the smartconsole GUI returns the result correctly.   Smartconsole GUI:   Input with filter:… (Show more)
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Phillip Runner
Click to view contentIn sk143612, the syntax for a POST to the Gaia REST API is: https://<your-server-ip>/gaia_api/<command>   However, the online documentation included once the Gaia API is installed shows the syntax as: https://<server-ip>:<port>/gaia_api/v1/<command>                               What is the recommended syntax?  With the /v1/ or without?  … (Show more)
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Goncalo Barradas
Hi,   New around here, wondering if anyone could help. I need to change the log servers on all gateways under a domain, so they are centrally managed. Don't want to go to every single one as the number is very high. Any help/suggestion?   Thanks, Gonçalo
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Tomer Sole
Click to view contentThe R80.20.M1 - Management Feature Release gives new API for something that previously we could only do from the SmartConsole GUI - deployment of IOC's. IOC's (Indicators of Compromise) are sources which are known as malicious.       Steps to deploy IOC's with the Management API: 1. Login to the Management Server with the login command. The… (Show more)
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Jeremy Parker
Hello, I'm trying to use the mgmt_cli to query where a permission profile is used but I'm running into a roadblock. I can't see any reference to it on accounts or any reference to accounts on it when I query with show object.   Object type is blank here which I'm guessing is a problem. .\mgmt_cli.exe show object uid $id details-level full -m… (Show more)
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