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Sarath M
I am trying to export the access logs using $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ command on our Management server which is R80. I can export all the FW rules and other IPS rules but i'm not able to export the NAT rules.   It gives me the following error.   Unexpected character (S) at position 39. at… (Show more)
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Carlos Kasprzykowski
I am writing python scripts to automate the most boring and trivial tasks. I could not find in the documentation what is the end point for HTTPS inspection. I would like to be able to download the policy list, add/remove etc.   Thanks   this is the document i am using as reference   Check Point - Management API reference 
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Tomer Sole
1. Place the snort protections file on your Management server   2. Import it to your Security Management Server:   a. Login with valid Check Point admin credentials, so that the change will be audited by the relevant admin account. mgmt_cli login user "[username]" password "[password]"  b. Import the protections file mgmt_cli add… (Show more)
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H. A.
A newer version of the document can be found under the following link: Bash script to show IP ranges for countrys from GeoProtection (new version)  Because of a technical problem in the Checkmates Portal I start with a new account. If you want to follow me, please click "Follow me" in the new account.
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Ismar Efendic
Hello We recently started with R80 Management. One thing we would like to use is api scripts. we would like to create script that can read from csv/txt file and create network/host/group object. we have dynamic environment and new rules are requested all the time. this would reduce our time creating objects. Is this something possible to… (Show more)
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Tim Koopman
Hi,   I think I have found another bug. In the attached example I find a site by name but then when I try and find it again by application id it is not found. Have tried for both inbuilt sites and custom but seems to be the same result for both.   Regards Tim
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Jun Liang Seow
Hi,   I am having some issues doing a login api call. Previously, I was able to do it. I have checked the Management API Settings and found that it is still enabled for 'Automatic Start' and allowing all IP Addresses.   Below is the error.   <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN"> <html> <head> <title>503 Service… (Show more)
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Ed Eades
I am looking for advice on how to bulk add network objects.  I need to add around 550 networks and we are on GAIA R80.10.  I have read some about dbedit, Using a dbedit script to create new network objects and network object groups, but I am not sure if that would still be the best method.  I will also mention I have never used dbedit.  When… (Show more)
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