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Robert Decker
How to migrate Juniper JunoOS / ScreenOS configuration to Check Point R80 Management Server database?
in Developers (Code Hub)
Hi, has anybody some code examples how to use web service api with php. I think a good way is to use php cURL but i don't have a clue how to start. I think that Ekta Siwani was using php with api. php webservice Thanks in advance. Felix
in Developers (Code Hub)
Balakumar S
Hi,   I have morethan 1500  ips need block in checkpoint suspicious rule.   Please suggest me how can i do in a shot.   Currently i am doing as one by one
in Developers (Code Hub)
Steven Bade
Probably a really basic question, but i can't seem to find anything.  I'm attempting a simple login to R80.10 via the api.  I'm using postman, when i send the POST i get a web page returned instead of json.   <!DOCTYPE html> <HTML> <HEAD> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible"… (Show more)
in Developers (Code Hub)
Sven Fricke
Hi, I have created a web application for our department, to add hosts to a specified group at the firewall using the wep-api. The last step is to "install-policy", which takes a longer time for 10 destinations. During this, the client who has startet this became a message created by "show-task", to see the progress of these steps. If another… (Show more)
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Alexander Koch
Hello,   is there a known issue whith the API-Call "show-sessions". Anyway how and with which parameters I call, I always get generic error message: "Null Pointer exception: null".   Is this a bug? Is the issue only in my installation?   TIA, Alex
in Developers (Code Hub)
Brett Sherbert
I am trying to right a web API request to one of our CMA domains to get the contents of 'show access-layer'.  I am able to get my sid from a login, but when I try to do POST https://<mgmt_server>:<port>/web_api/show-access-layers I get a "total" : 0 response when I am expecting 4 responses.  I also have tried… (Show more)
in Developers (Code Hub)
Tim Koopman
I have found a problem with a couple of indirect where used results.   It started when we were trying to do the indirect where used via the API call and after a period of time we would get the error "Management server failed to execute command". I then tried in SmartConsole and while it doesn’t error in SmartConsole the results didn't seem to… (Show more)
in Developers (Code Hub)
I'm trying to write a simple ansible play, containing only a login and a logout task, by following the instructions found here: .   My playbook looks like this: --- - hosts: "firewalls"   tasks:   - name: "login"     check_point_mgmt:       command: login       parameters:         username:… (Show more)
in Developers (Code Hub)
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