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URL Filtering Doesn't work on HTTPS

Question asked by Ryan Ryan on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by 2f878495-07e0-48b1-99f4-0c0740ddee67

Hi all,


We have R77.30 gateway, with HTTPS inspection enabled.


When a user visits a website that matches a blocked category (an obvious example - an adult website) if they go via HTTP, the page is blocked and user message is displayed. However if they go to the same site with https, the page loads fully.


In the logs, I can see HTTPS inspection has inspected the page, and also correctly categorized it (matching a category that should be blocked), however there are no logs in URL filtering. (There is a log in URL filtering when its correctly blocked over http)


I have tested with both "categorize HTTPS sites" enabled and disabled, same result, - I believe since we are doing full inspection it should be disabled.



Any ideas?