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get interfaces operation failed

Question asked by johan95ee1c6b-18b6-43a6-b083-16898efd0436 on Aug 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Jorn Halsen Lukassen

While adding a gateway to a management station the gateway is added , but without interfaces and topology and an error message when establishing trust between management station (SMS) and gateway (GW).


The trust relationship between SMS and GW is showing an error:

"Failed to connect to GW (IP Address: '...').
Please make sure Check Point Services are running on GW, and trust has been established".

But the trust is nevertheless established as this is showing on the General Properties tab of the GW in the SMS / Smart Console (Green tick mark).

And "Test SIC status" button press results in : "SIC Status for GW: Communicating"


And as stated above , in the SMS, the GW is missing interfaces. 

Get interfaces (with or without topology) in the SmartConsole, results in the error:

"get interfaces operation failed for .... (IP of gateway)".


Version R80.10.

Connection to GW is working for both ssh and https.