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How to set an Inverted MAC

Question asked by Julie Paul Employee on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2018 by Julie Paul

Can we manually configure what the inverted MAC Address will be in R80.10.  Has anyone done this or seen it work for R80.10?  Do you have the procedure?


it is the “inverted back source MAC Address” that appears in the switch ARP table


If one was to run a ‘fw ctl zdebug –m cluster + select’ you would see in the logs something like this:


;[cpu_7];[fw4_0];fwha_select_ip_packet: The inverted back source MAC address will be 00:16:63:BF:23:FF;


When one does a lookup of the vendor for MAC Address 00:16:63 is states the vendor of KBT Mobile.  Would like to know if there is a way to configure it to use some a different MAC, like 00:1C:7F or 00:90:FB or possibly an older Noxia MAC


This is what the ARP table looked like:

        * - primary entry, G - Gateway MAC, (R) - Routed MAC, O - Overlay MAC

        age - seconds since last seen,+ - primary entry using vPC Peer-Link

   VLAN     MAC Address      Type      age     Secure NTFY   Ports/SWID.SSID.LID


* 13       0000.0000.0200    dynamic   0          F    F  Eth102/1/31

* 13       0016.63bf.23ff    dynamic   0          F    F  Eth102/1/31

* 13       001c.7f62.ed66    dynamic   0          F    F  Eth102/1/31