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VoIP - Problem

Question asked by Gomboragchaa Jamganjav on Jun 24, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Gomboragchaa Jamganjav

I am trying to replace Checkpoint 1490 with 5200(R80.10). 

Unfortunately SIP is not passing through over checkpoint. It was dropping SIP 5060 port and I used SIP Security Rule for Proxy in DMZ Topology and created to related rules (from sk95369.)
( dropping packets Reason: post lookup verification failed. and fwconn_key_init_links (OUTBOUND) failed)
I changed the kernel parameter voip_multik_enable_forwarding 1 to 0.
It showing no dropping log.

But internal users cannot hear each other. VoIP with CP-1490 was working perfect without issue and it is clearly R80.10 problem.

[PBX] --- (DMZ) [Appliance] (LAN1) --- [VoIP phones. example:Lan1-Phone1, Lan1-Phone2 (Phone1 and phone2  cannot hear each other)]

What could I do?