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Increasing Fifo Buffers on Firewall Interface

Question asked by John Colfer on Jun 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by Timothy Hall

Hi Community


I had a problem with a customer whereby there was a lot of packet re transmissions on their network. This was observed from an fwmonitor. I got the statistics of the interface and found that there was a lot of RX-DRPs ( rx_missed_errors). I followed the article to increase the FIFO buffer size in clish and this seems to solved the issue. The errors aren't increasing anymore.


I have never had to do this before for any other customer, and am curious as what might cause the interface buffers to fill up? Could it be just increased traffic on the network or could it be that there is a misconfigured switch somewhere in the network?


I also noticed that default value for rx-ringsize is only 256 whereas its maximum is 4096. Is there a reason the default is so low?


Thanks in advance and best regards