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Application Signatures?

Question asked by Mike Schepers on May 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by Vincent Bacher

I am attempting to create a signature for an Aruba VPN application to use with my Checkpoint App/URL filter.  I see the application ID within my log files (appears to be consistent) and have found a Checkpoint tools called Application Control Signature Tool (ACST) that can be used to create customer application signatures and import them.  However, the information that is being requested by ACST to build this signature is a little above my knowledge level.


Has anyone within this community used ACST to develop a signature for Aruba VPN (application ID 2042272525)?

Does anyone have experience using ACST that could offer some examples to help?


ACST Admin Guide:… 


ACST Download: Signature Tool for custom Application Control and URL Filtering applications 


Many Thanks!