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SmartEvent in mixed multi domain environment

Discussion created by Maarten Sjouw on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by Jean-Francois Portmann

We have a weird situation and we have some questions about Scheduled reports in the R80.10 SmartEvent server.

We run a R77.30 MDS environment with about 150 customer domains. Connected to this I just added a new R80.10 SmarEvent server, first problem I ran into was that after adding some domains, I found I could not add them to the Correlation Unit untill I enabled Smartlog on the domain itself? We have a R80 SmartEvent connected to the same setup but there we could add the domains without enabling SmartLog first.


While that now all works, I was adding some scheduled reports, while connected with the R80.10 SmartConsole directly to the SmartEvent server as a superuser and they show up under the Scheduled reports.

Then I connected using the HTTPS://<SE-IP>/SmartView/ page to access the SmartEvent server as a customer, with a customer account that was allowed SmartEvent control for his domain only. Next I created a new scheduled report for this customer.


Now these are the issues I ran into:

For email I needed to enter a email server both on the global level but also when logged in as a customer, as it was not copied from the Global level, this user should never be prompted for this. We also tested this again with another superuser, here he also needed to add the email server settings again. In the R80 server this was setup in the legacy client on machine level, is this something I have overlooked in the R80.10?

The scheduled report list only shows the reports for the user itself, so even reports created on a global level by user A are not visible for user B. It does not matter what kind of user it is.


The way I would like to see this working is that we are able to see all reports scheduled when logged in as a superuser, it would certainly help to see a column that shows the related domain for that report.

When logged in as a domain user I would like to be able to see all reports scheduled for that domain.