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DBedit issue

Question asked by Jozko Mrkvicka on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Robert Decker

Hello guys,


Right now I am trying to create script for automatic VLAN creation within cluster deployment (2 gateways).

What I want to achieve is to add new VLAN as it is done via SmartConsole (Dashboard):


As there is no support for manipulation of Cluster objects via API yet, the only solution is to use dbedit tool.


So I played with dbedit for a while and I am getting into one strange issue. I am using following extract to create new Cluster interface and update it with all relevant data, attaching all the commands as example:

addelement network_objects GWC interfaces cluster_interface
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:ifindex 4
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:member_network:ipaddr
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:member_network:netmask
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:officialname eth10.150
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:ipaddr
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:netmask
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:monitored_by_cluster true
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:security:netaccess:access this
modify network_objects GWC interfaces:4:security:netaccess:perform_anti_spoofing true
addelement network_objects GW1 interfaces interface
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:ifindex 4
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:officialname eth10.150
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:ipaddr
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:netmask
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:monitored_by_cluster true
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:security:netaccess:access this
modify network_objects GW1 interfaces:4:security:netaccess:perform_anti_spoofing true
addelement network_objects GW2 interfaces interface
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:ifindex 4
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:officialname eth10.150
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:ipaddr
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:netmask
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:monitored_by_cluster true
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:security:netaccess:access this
modify network_objects GW2 interfaces:4:security:netaccess:perform_anti_spoofing true


I am using procedure mentioned in sk30383, together with "dos2unix", "sed -i 's/[[:space:]]*$//' <filename>" and at the end executing input file using "dbedit -local -globallock -f <filename>"


Basically all is fine (no errors), cluster and both gateways are updated with correct data (checked with "print network_objects GWC") but in fact in SmartConsole I cannot see this new interface in Network Management.


I have tried also install database and policy, without any difference.


What I am doing wrong ? What else must be updated/modified in order to see this new interface in Network Management tab ?


Thanks everyone who can check it.