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How to replace cp_merge tool in R80.10 ?

Question asked by CER integration CER integration on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

Hello everyone,


I have migrate cma-R77.30 on a MDS-R80.10. In my previous version (R77.30), I currently used cp_merge to count policy rules and then I currently used dbedit to create new objects and insert new rules  at the end of policy table (scripting to add rule from csv).


- cp_merge workaround ?

In R77.30 I currently use cp_merge utility to export policy  in my exploitation tool. My issue is that cp_merge utility can't be use in R80.10 (this tool is obsolete). How can I list all policy of my new cma-R80.10 and how can I export a policy ? (Do I need to use python scripts ?) can you describe the best way to do it with an example please ?


- dbedit

I haven't test yet but is it possible to used dbedit tool to create object and policy in my cma-R80.10 ?


To resume, what is the best way in R80.10 to add several objects and rules in an existing cma that contains some existing objects and rules ? Please, an example would be very apprieciate.


Thanks for your help. Regards,