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This tool shows the contents (packages, layers and objects) of Api Management server over HTML pages.



As a result of running the tool, a tar file is created that contains HTML pages. Untar the file and open index.html file to see the policy package.

In a default case only packages that there policy is installed on gateway will be shown.


Usage Examples


Running the tool on a single domain (CMA)



Running the tool on a single domain (CMA) for specific policy package



Running the tool on a given domain (MDS) for specific policy package



Use "-h" option in order to see  the full list of options to configure the tool.

$MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ -h



This tool is installed on R-80 Management Servers starting the first Jumbo-HF.


Follow the steps below in order to use the newer version of “show-package”:


(BEFORE: Please backup all the original files to have an ability to rollback)


1. Unzip attached zip file

2. Copy web_api_show_package-jar-with-dependencies.jar from 'jar' directory into $MDS_FWDIR/api/samples/lib

3. Copy ".template" files  from 'templates' directory into $MDS_FWDIR/api/samples/conf

4. Copy  from 'script' directory into $MDS_FWDIR/scripts/


In order to load the project from sources, load the sources from "src" folder to a java IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA...).

Add to the project's classpath the dependent libraries from the lib folder in Java library Java library for using R80 management web-services


Code Version

Code version 1.1.4


Tested on version

R80, API version 1.0


NOTICE: By using this sample code you agree to terms and conditions in this Terms and Conditions

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