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HTTPS Inspection Probe Bypass: To enable or not to enable?

Question asked by Aaron Vivadelli on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by 99fbe18d-5cf1-4543-9936-535b8747c024

I've heard of mixed results on probe bypass for HTTPS Inspection and I wanted to get feedback.  To me, it seems like this is a better way of deploying HTTPS Inspection to minimize problems with bypassing traffic from inspection, but it is not something that's enabled by default which makes it seem like it should only be used if necessary.


Does anyone know of probe bypass causing more issues than it solves?  Or vice versa?  I know one solution doesn't fit all environments, but I'm wondering if there is a recommendation one way or another.  To me, I think it's something that is better enabled.


Here is the SK:  HTTPS Inspection Enhancements in R77.30 and above