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Loss of HTTPS and SSH access to ClusterXL members, help?

Question asked by Vladimir Yakovlev Champion on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2018 by Vladimir Yakovlev

After three days of building client's CXL with SMS on 5400s and Smart-1 410, suddenly could not connect to either WebUIs or SSH into the gateways. Since I've been working all day on crafting the AppC/URLF layer, I did not notice when this become an issue.


Smartlog showing events that sounds like "connection dropped by multiportal infrastructure" or some such.

In "Rules Matched" I am seeing two accepts, one from Access Control Policy and one from AppC/URLF.


The only blades enabled on cluster are Firewall, IPSEC, AV/AB/IPS/Monitoring/URLF/AppC.

So I do not expect the 443 being shared with anything else.


For giggles, tried changing portal to listen on 10443, sk115732, but no dice.


Management laptop, SMS and Mgmt interfaces of the gateways are on the same subnet and switch.

No policy installation / SIC issues.


Has anyone seen this before and are willing to share the remedies?


Thank you,