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Creating Firewall Rules per CLI

Question asked by Yasushi Kono on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Robert Decker

Hi eXperts,


I am trying to create Firewall rules completely with CLI commands. I started the following Syntax:


[Expert@A-SMS:0]# mgmt_cli login user cpadmin -p vpn123 > sid.txt

[Expert@A-SMS:0]# mgmt_cli add access-layer name "Bravo_Standard" --format json -s sid.txt

[Expert@A-SMS:0]# mgmt_cli add access-rule layer "Bravo_Standard"  position 1 name "NetBIOS rule" service.1 "rip" service.2 "bootp" service.3 "NBT service.4 "udp-high-ports" action "drop" --format json -s sid.txt

[Expert@A-SMS:0]# mgmt_cli publish -s sid.txt


Everything looks fine, but I cannot see any policies just added in SmartConsole. Nor can I install the newly created policy with

[Expert@A-SMS:0]# mgmt_cli install-policy policy-package "Bravo_Standard" targets B-GW


So, what I am doing wrong?


Any hint will highly be appreciated.


Kind regards,