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Managing a gateway over VPN

Question asked by Biju Nair on Nov 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Vladimir Yakovlev

Hi, I have a scenario, my MDS and CMA is in Site A and CP Gateway is in Site B.

CP Gateway in B is perimeter firewall(cluster) and VPN is configured on this gateway to connect from site A to B.

A and B are connected over VPN(Internet). There are multiple VPNs from A to B using multiple ISPs.


Until and unless the VPN are up and running, I guess everything is fine.

However, if the primary VPNs fails, I wish the VPN 2 should be up without intervention.


As per my knowledge, to bring another tunnel up, CP gateway need the connectivity to CP-SMS(I guess for CRL check) which in the scenario wont be possible.


How can I achieve this and still able to manage teh CP-gateway in  B using the mgmt server in Site A after the primary VPN fails. (I know installing a local SMS in site B is a solution, however thought to check if there is any other option available.


MGMT is MDS(80.10)

SG is R77.30