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Migrate r77.30 policy to R80.10 trought management api

Question asked by Marco Valenti on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by Catalin Ciubotariu

That's look a tricky question indeed , let assume I don' t want to bring dirty stuff from an old management station but I want only to export and then import objects and services , with cpmiquerybin getting those info is pretty (not)straightforward and then importing to r80 with a simple csv is a task already accomplished.

What about policies then? searching trough the web someone brought to my attention Checkpoint: Object Filler and Object Dumper (ofiller) - tech :: stuff  , now seems that is clearly not supported at all and having a csv of the rulebase does not seem any helpful at all due to the syntax of r80 management api.

So if anyone have encountered the same issue and got some hints or suggestion for that it's very welcome.


Thanks for your attention