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trial licensing for testing upgrades

Question asked by E Lastname on Aug 27, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I posted a question recently on the forum only to realize that the CP website is now telling me that I need to use Checkmate going forward. I apologize in advance for the duplicate post. My question is pretty straight forward. I would like to simulate an existing environment and pass live traffic through it while testing upgrade procedures. I know most will say why don't I use a backup however I would like to push simulated traffic and not be in any licensing violation state. I have built up the Provider-1 lab which automatically gives me 15 days along with the cluster. However when moving to a newer release, I noticed that the 15 day trial breaks and FWM for example does not start for the CMAs/Domains. A debug of fwm shows a licensing error message.


I think I figured it out on my own and will need to generate new evaluation licenses once permitted by the company I work for through the UC once they add me. I'm guessing I'll need the following:
2 CPSG-EVAL for my cluster setup.
1 CPSM-MD1004-EVAL, CPSM-DMNU000-EVAL-F for the provider-1 with 2 CMAs/Domains which also allows me to managed the cluster.


I will also need to test upgrading an MLM with 2 CLMs and Smart Reporter. However I do not see any references to the latter evaluation licenses anywhere.  Would it be possible for someone when they have a moment to clarify what licenses would be required to test upgrading an MLM. I think Smart Reporter falls under a CPSG-EVAL or the all-in-one eval but not sure whether the MLM would take the MD1005 and DMN000 evals.


Thanks in advance.