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What is vSEC Virtual Edition (VE)?

Question asked by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Apr 9, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

This is the Check Point product in a virtual machine that runs on VMware ESX without the use of NSX or ACI.

It's what Check Point used to call Check Point Virtual Edition (VE) Network Mode and should operate like a standard, regular Layer 3 gateway.

The old Check Point VE Hypervisor Mode product relies on components that VMware has deprecated and no further versions of this product will be produced.


vSEC Virtual Edition can either be installed in VMware either as an OVF (recommended for gateways) or using the regular R77.30 and above installation ISO (recommended for management).


Gateways in VMware requires vSEC Virtual Edition licensing; Regular Open Server licenses are NOT supported and will generate license errors.

Management in VMware utilizes regular Open Server licenses.