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Migration from R77.30 Openserver MGM to R80 - LIC Questions

Question asked by Roman Petry on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

Hello, we are planning our migration at the moment and we have some special "Blades" active ( Monitoring CPSB-MNTR-F-SSV and Reporting CPSB-RPRT-F-SSVU) and nobody could tell us how the MGM Server will look like after migration. 8-).. We don´t have SmartEvent with our R77.30 MGM Server !!


We have an unlimited Gateway MGM Server (CPSM-PU007-F) with 7 Blades ( Check Point Security Management container

for Unlimited gateway and 7 blades (NPM, EPM,LOGS, MNTR, MPTL, UDIR and PRVS)

and we have in addition a Smartview Repoter 1 Gateway license and Monitoring LIC attached to it. Everything is with software support/subscription and so on.


What will we get after the Upgrade to R80 ?

Smartview Repoter has gone as far as i know and SmartEvent will replace it. Will we get SmartEvent for one Gateway after the Migration ? We do several Reports on User Sessions / VPN and so on. So those questions came up. Will we have a "locked" down Update-Version of SmartEvent ?

Anyone here who can help with some more infos.

Thanks a lot