Leslie Chin

R80.10 MDS -> R80.10 MDS with new Hostname, new Domain names and new IP addresses (OH MY!)

Discussion created by Leslie Chin Employee on Feb 1, 2019
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I am working on documenting a procedure, if even possible, to perform a R80.10 MDS "migration" to R80.10 MDS with a new hostname, new domain names, and new IP addresses for the domains. 


Global objects are being used in the Domains added for good measure


In theory, I think the steps would be:


  1. migrate export the MDS from the source
  2. migrate_global_policies on the destination
  3. migrate export each CMA from the source
  4. mgmt_cli to create the new domain on the destination (do not start the domain)
  5. cma_migrate to import each domain