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Firewall goes down and failover does not occur

Question asked by Etheldra Frederick-Radde on Jan 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Etheldra Frederick-Radde

Good Day All


For about a month we have had issues with a firewall pair where FW1 goes down and the secondary firewall does not take over the active role. It remains in "standby" mode. Once you disconnect the cable (Mgmt), it fails over but you cannot ssh to it. You have ssh to FW1 via FW2, then bring it up from there. We have shutdown the port on switch for FW1, it failed over as well, but ssh was not accessible. After getting to FW1 via ssh, use ifconfig to bring the sync port up, then were able to ssh to it. Both firewalls have been replaced along with all of the cables.


I believe this may be an issue with the process that deals with failover/heartbeat between firewall.

They are asking for another replacement of the firewalls, but I am not sure that his is a hardware issue.


Has anyone ever dealt with this and what was your solution?