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ISP Failover working but no internet connection.

Question asked by Rudy Dichoso on Nov 26, 2018
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Could someone please help us with this, We have a client who are using R80.10 cluster firewall and has the ISP failover configured but then when the primary ISP goes down we can see on the tracker that the secondary ISP preceded the connection but then there are still no internet connection for the users, we have already done the isolation listed below.


- Check secondary ISP internet connection by bypassing the firewall (has internet connection.)

- Make sure that we only has one default gateway ( Primary ISP default Gateway)

- Check the next hop IP address for both ISP on ISP redundancy setting on smartdashboard

- Check sk61692 for possible misconfiguration.

- Make sure the default gateway/next hop IP address for both ISP are reachable.

- Check ISP failover status on Clish by using " cpstat fw " command.

- We also do a testing on a standalone R80.10 firewall and has the same output.