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R80.20 - New FW Monitor inspection points

Discussion created by Heiko Ankenbrand Champion on Nov 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Chris Hrachowy

here are new fw monitor inspection points available for "fw monitor":


Inspection pointName of fw monitor inspection pointRelation to firewall VMAvailable since version
iPre-InboundBefore the inbound FireWall VM             (for example, eth1:i)always
IPost-InboundAfter the inbound FireWall VM                (for example, eth1:I)always
idPre-Inbound VPNInbound before decrypt                          (for example, eth1:id)R80.20
iDPost-Inbound VPNInbound after decrypt                             (for example, eth1:ID)R80.20
iqPre-Inbound QoSInbound before QoS                               (for example, eth1:iq)R80.20
iQPost-Inbound QoSInbound after QoS                                  (for example, eth1:IQ)R80.20
oPre-OutboundBefore the outbound FireWall VM          (for example, eth1:o)always
OPost-OutboundAfter the outbound FireWall VM             (for example, eth1:O)always
ePre-Outbound VPNOutbound before encrypt                       (for example, eth1:e)R80.10
EPost-Outbound VPNOutbound after encrypt                          (for example, eth1:E)R80.10
oqPre-Outbound QoSOutbound before QoS                           (for example, eth1:oq)R80.20
oQPost-Outbound QoSOutbound after QoS                              (for example, eth1:OQ)R80.20


For more informations revert to article R80.x Performance Tuning and Debug Tips – fw monitor

or see sk30583 and How to use FW Monitor.