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Can't delete interfaces: 'This interface is used by the Dynamic Routing Protocol VRRP'

Question asked by Tim Bernat on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Hi All,


I have recently started using two preconfigured Gateways  (Cluster of 2 4800 appliances, HA) with a new Management Server. All went well with config, new policy and upgrade from 77.30 to 80.10 (both SMS and GWs). However, right from the start I had a problem removing some interfaces:



This interface is used by the dynamic routing protocol VRRP 


I have removed all old VRRP interfaces in Gaia webuUI/High Availability/VRRP. Though these are still showing in the menu Gaia webuUI/High Availability/Advanced VRRP; with the message 'Simplified VRRP configuration is present', so I can't remove them there.


Doing >show vrrp interfaces does show the old unwanted interfaces as monitored circuits. 


Do you know how to remove the 'stuck' interfaces and advanced vrrp settings? I know it would have been easy with he old SMS, but that was/is not possible. 


All functions correctly; failover, policy etc. Interestingly one GW is stuck on a low effective priority (with no obvious problems/reasons for this) and I had to manually lower the other one for the HA to work as expected.


Thank you for any comments.