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Overview - Cloud Feature Terms

Overview of cloud feature terminology which could be important for a laaS gateway and management integration.

Feature _AWS.JPG _Azure.JPG _Google.JPG
Geography Geography Geography Geography
Availability Zone Availability Zone Availability Zone Availability Zone
Network VPC VNET VPC-Cloud virtual network
Subnet Subnet Subnet Subnet Network
Recources Managment Across specific account Across specific Subscription Global, Regional and Zone specific recources
Virtual Machine (VM) Instance Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Instance
Image Type Format AMI VM Images Public / Private / Custom Image
Public IP Addresses Public / Elastic IP Basic / Standard IP Ephemeral / Static external IP
Load Balancing Application / Network / Classic Load Balancer / ELB Azure Load Balancer, Application Gateway External Network and HTTP Load Balancing, Internal Load Balancing
Native Security / Security Groups Security Groups / NACL Network Security Group (NSG) Compute Engine Firewall Rules
Scalable compute instances (servers) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Azure VM Compute Engine
Domain Name System (DNS) Route 53 Azure DNS or Traffic Manager Cloud DNS
Internet Gateway IGW - -
Network Address Translation (NAT) NAT Gateways NAT Gateways Cloud NAT
Network Peering VPC Peering Connections Virtual Network Peering VPC Network Peering
Network Routes/Routing Route Tables Azure Virtual Network Routing Routes
Region Region Region Region
Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Virtual Network (VNet) Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
VPC Endpoints VPC Endpoints Virtual Network Service Endpoint Private Services, Private Google Access and/or Shared VPC
VPN Gateway Virtual Private Gateway Azure VPN Gateway Cloud VPN
Object Storage S3 Buckets Blob Storage Cloud Storage
Identity and Access Management (IAM) Identity Access Management (IAM) Azure Role-Based ACL (RBAC) or Azure AD Cloud IAM
Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cloudfront Azure CDN Cloud CDN or CDN Interconnect
Autoscaling Auto-scaling group VM Scale Sets Compute Engine Autoscaler
API endpoints API Gateway API Management Cloud Endpoints


API endpoints:
Single entryway that allows multiple APIs or microservices to act cohesively.

Scales resources (of a group) up or down based on usage and rules.

Availability Zone (AZ):
Distinct locations (within regions) where resources are housed - designed to be isolated from failures in other AZs.

Compute Instances:
Scalable compute instances (servers)

Content Delivery Network (CDN):
Global network that delivers content based on the geographic locations of the user.

Domain Name System (DNS):
Naming database in which internet domain names are located and translated into IP addresses.

Identity and Access Management (IAM):
Manage access to cloud services and resources securely.

Internet Gateway:
VPC component that allows communication between instances in VPCs and the internet.

Load Balancing:
Pushes traffic (in a balanced way) across multiple targets in multiple AZs.

Network Address Translation (NAT):
Enable outbound internet traffic from instances in a private subnet.

Network Peering:
A networking connection between two VPCs that enables the routing traffic between them using private IP addresses.

Network Routes/Routing:
A set of rules that are used to determine where network traffic from subnets and/or gateways are directed.

Object Storage:
Scalable, highly available storage for objects.

Worldwide locations where resources are hosted.

Security Groups:
Contains a list of security rules that allow or deny network traffic to resources.

Logical subdivision of an IP network. Can be private or public.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC):
A logically isolated section of the cloud where you can launch resources.

VPC Endpoints:
Privately connects VPC to other cloud and endpoint services.

VPN Gateway:
Private connection to VPCs.

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