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R80.40 IPSEC VPN shows stuck at Phase I but is fully operational

I have a R80.40 lab with three Check Point gateways. One distributed environment (managed by separate management server) and the other two are standalone (gateway and management on same device). 

I have site to site VPNs configured as follows: -

1. from Main GW to Remote GW1

2. from Main GW to Remote GW2


VPNs show in SmartView monitor as Up - Phase I but when I look at vpn tu on the cli I see phase II tunnels formed: -


SAs of all instances:

Peer , RemoteGW1 SAs:

IKE SA <b026ba653a85f493,13cd8ad810ce962a>
1. 0x97698d60 (i: 0)
1. 0x5c3cf41e (i: 0)

Peer , RemoteGW2 SAs:

IKE SA <c33a8776de4d53f1,62554189591c0af1>
1. 0xa306b733 (i: 1)
1. 0x53ff98e0 (i: 1)


the IKE.elg also shows three messages in quick mode. 


I have also cleared the tunnel down and brought it up by initiating traffic firstly from local network (issuing a ping from PC1 to remote PC 2) and then secondly from remote network (issuing ping from remote PC2 to local PC1). 


Has anyone seen this before?




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