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There are a number of things that you need to to be aware of:

  • When moving to VSX there will be downtime for the conversion of the clusterobject.
  • When you need to be able to manage multiple customers on 1 piece of hardware your management is best done on a Multi Domain management server
    • You separate the underlying hardware from the customer environment in 1 domain
    • You create a domain per customer to keep all their network data and rules separated and hidden from each other
    • You only allow each customer a access (if needed) to their domain
  • Per customer you create a VS in their domain with all interfaces and routes
    • You can use the vsx provisioning tool to make sure this does not take to long, this will take some proper preparation but will save you a lot of clicking in the maintenance window
  • When you do have some other hardware available you can use that to prepare everything as you cannot create a VSX cluster without setting the SIC in the process
    • In the maintenance window you could just bring down those temp boxes and then use a vsx_util reconfigure to apply that to the 15600's
      • One remark here, try to find something with the same interface naming, otherwise there are ways to rename interfaces, but that is really stretching things.
    • Before running the reconfigure you need to make sure on the 15600's the interfaces that will be used for the VS's are cleaned of their config, no IP addresses nor vlan's should remain.

Hope this helps you on your way?


Regards, Maarten
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