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Valeri Loukine wrote:

I do not think blaming support for lack of basic skills with the product is fair. Also, configuration change does not qualify as support issue. The answer you received is adequate and goes even beyond your support contract.



It is very fair!

You wrote so because you don't have all the information.

Actually, it was written in the contract that they had to:
1) ensure "knowledge transfer", ie they were paid to teach us some minimum knowledge that would let us do some basic things
2) write a documentation of what they had done

But at the end, they were "late on the planning" because they didn't organized thing correctly, and they had to "skip" the knowledge transfer.  And the documentation?  We had to urge five or six times to have the "draft version"!

Anyway, after attending the CheckPoint workshop, things are a lot clearer for me.  Now I understood what some of you were saying.  However, the employed language is not rigorous enough to make people understand and this problem comes from Check Point itself.

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