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I can confirm that indeed from the last ~15 minutes this issue has been resolved, using the APPI package 11042401. 

Gateways will be updating according to their scheduled update policy. 

If you need to rush the update, please do the following on the security gateways:

- # rm $FWDIR/appi/update/Version
- # rm $FWDIR/appi/update/next_update
- Wait for 5 minutes.

A new dedicated sk182202 is now available for this issue.

An official and detailed RCA will follow.

Ofir Israel 

VP, Threat Prevention Check Point Software Technologies


P.S. We are aware that the fix seems to have not worked for a limited amount of our customers. We currently suspect this as a logging behavior where old connections have new sessions and are updated on the log view. If you encounter drops please let us know through a TAC ticket, we are monitoring the situation. 

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Who rated this post