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Hi Tim,

Thanks for the great questions and feedback 🙂

1) Your assumption is correct, both SND and PPE workers are excluded from E-Cores pool, I've added it to the SK.

2+4) The Dynamic Dispatcher should naturally send less connections to FW workers running on E-Cores, keeping the cores mostly balanced. So far, we haven't observed any significant difference in our testing or customers environments in regards to those features. Super instance is a good example of our ability to work with cores with varying capabilities.

3+6) Unless we're talking about Elephant Flows, the Dynamic Dispatcher should take care of that, sending less connection to that FW instance. As to Elephant Flows, in the upcoming JHF, Dynamic Balancing will be able to swap E-core FW instance handling an EF, with a P-core FW instance, making sure heavily loaded workers get the benefit of stronger cores.

5) Intel has made sure both cores have the same instruction set.

Hope that clears things up, feel free to contact me offline anytime.


Who rated this post