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No that low PXL value indicating partial acceleration is just fine, since the majority of traffic is in the much more efficient fully-accelerated path (Accelerated pkts).  Based on the limited blades you have enabled a low PXL is expected.  You aren't having any resource issues at all in the latest s7pac but it may yet be some kind of code issue.

I did think of one other thing to try: SecureXL was completely overhauled in R80.20 yet you are still running R80.10; it is possible that acceleration is interfering with your connections.  Try disabling SecureXL for awhile and see if things improve by running the fwaccel off command.  This command will not survive a reboot but you can turn SecureXL permanently off in that release via  cpconfig.  Note that doing so will cause much higher CPU load (although you appear to have plenty of headroom) and for all traffic to end up in the F2F path, so you may want to closely monitor CPU load after disabling SecureXL to ensure the firewall does not get overloaded.  If this fixes the problem the best solution will be a code upgrade to at least R81.10.

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