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This "Cluster policy installation failed" message no longer only means that the atomic load/commit failed or timed out on one of the cluster members, in R81+ it can also indicate that some kind of cluster sanity check failed during policy installation.  You'll need to look in $FWDIR/log/cphaconf.elg on both members for clues about what is wrong.  So far I've seen this message indicate:

1) One of the cluster members is set for MVC and one is not (sk179969: Policy installation fails with error "Policy installation failed on gateway. Clusterpolicy...")

2) The state of cluster enablement in cpconfig is incorrect (enabled for a non-cluster object, or disabled for a gateway that is part of a cluster object - sk180980: Policy installation failure with error message "Policy installation failed on gateway. Clu...

There are probably some other sanity checks I haven't run into yet.

The fact that you can't ARP on the sync network is a definite problem, and may be another one of the new sanity checks that are performed; namely making sure that the sync network is working, assuming state sync is enabled on the cluster object.  ARP is never denied by a security policy or antispoofing so I'd look there.  The high CPU is probably a symptom of the problem rather than the cause, unless it is so extreme it is causing a commit timeout on one of the gateways.



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