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35% off all ISC2's CISSP and CCSP course options

Hey everyone, just want to bring to your attention our MIND Summer Sale on all ISC2's courses, including the popular CISSP and CCSP trainings. 

Click the links below to view the upcoming schedules and enroll in your course of choice

CISSP 5 Full-Days Course: https://buff.ly/3FG9lIy
CISSP 8 Weeks (twice a week - 2.5h sessions): https://buff.ly/3PxJw2u
Learn more about the CISSP – the gold standard for CISO certification here

Learn more about the trading CCSP certification everyone is talking about here
CCSP 5 Full-Days Course: https://buff.ly/3OlJ5HRCCSP 8 Weeks (twice a week - 2.5h sessions): https://buff.ly/46jrebg

All courses are available to purchase with CLCs or credit card. 
(If you're not sure about CLCs, ask you Check Point AM - there is a very good chance you have them and you just don't know it).

Please note that this is a time-limited sale, and participation is based on available spots, and I would hate to see our community missing the chance to claim our biggest discount on ISC2's courses to date. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me here or at tombi@checkpoint.com if you have any questions.






Who rated this post