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Here is the update from VPN RnD team. It is also documented in sk180845.


Root cause and symptoms

The issue happened due to expiration of certificate which was used for signing firewall driver vsdatant.sys. Validity period of this certificate ended on April 8, 2023, VPN client became unable to initiate firewall module and failed with error “Connectivity with VPN Service is lost”. In addition, following lines can be found in trac.log:

[ 47972 44400][9 Apr 10:16:03][TR_FIREWALL] CFirewallWrapper::InitFirewallMonitor: ERROR - lpFwMonitor_Start failed, try to wait for the service initialization
[ 47972 44400][9 Apr 10:16:03][TR_UTILS] WaitForServiceStart("vsmon")
[ 47972 44400][9 Apr 10:16:03][TR_UTILS] WaitForServiceStart: OpenService("vsmon") failed: The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
[ 47972 44400][9 Apr 10:16:03][TR_FIREWALL] CFirewallWrapper::InitFirewallMonitor: waiting for vsmon initialization failed


Affected versions

Endpoint Security VPN, versions E86.60 and E86.70

The issue impacts only “Endpoint Security VPN” flavor of standalone VPN clients which contains firewall module. Other flavors of standalone VPN client as well as Harmony Endpoint Protection (full suite) are not affected.



The only solution is to upgrade VPN client to newer version.

We are in RnD will improve our internal processes and enforce strict control over certificates we use inside our products.

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