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SMB Masters #2 - Americas and EMEA - Video and Materials

Here is the video recording of our session. 

Slides and the new SMB flyer are also attached to this post.

Q&A Below

Why is there no 5G version of the 1575? 

To support the performance needed with 5G speeds, we need to use the more powerful 1595.

Will SmartAccel, the HTTPS Inspection enhancements, and Google Authenticator support work when centrally managed?

These features only work with local management.

Syncing policy capabilities and cluster IP with different private physical IP are both feature only for locally managed?

These features have been supported with Central Management.

Are the Spark Security Bundles going to use the new Pro models?

Yes, this should happen in a few weeks.

SD-WAN for Spark devices requires to have Smart-1? Or it can be enabled and configured directly with Spark Management?

At this point in time you need Smart-1 or Smart-1 Cloud. On our short term roadmap it will be possible with local WebUI and Spark Cloud Management (SMP)

5G globally with any telecom in any country for 1595?

We aim to certify 5G with many carriers around the world. Some carriers are happy with the global certifications and will be available immediately upon release. However some carrier require their own certification which is going to take a bit longer.

What about SDWAN feature on 6000 or 3000s gateways?

Yes, this is available today as GA

I would like to know an ETA for GRE support on SMB appliances?

Is expected to be part of R81.10.10.

If it is a SMB categorization business but their architecture is bigger than 100 user, which appliance would you recommend?

As there is some overlap between SMB and Enterprise gateways in terms of the number of users that are supported, the choice to use one or the other depends on the precise requirements.

Is a third party IOT discovery engine e.g. like an Armis also needed to work with the current IOT Protect blade if you have a very large IOT environment?

We have the discovery and enforcement technology built-in already. For office and enterprise, we offer Quantum IoT Protect.

As it was mentioned the devices support two 5g sims. Can we consume both the sims along with SDWan capabilities?

That's the idea. 5G is yet another WAN connection that can be used for SD-WAN. However, please note that only one of 5G connections can be active at any given time.

Any plans for ClusterXL Load Sharing on Spark?

Not currently planned.

Do we have a new version of Quantum Edge running R81 code coming soon?

There are no plans to release Quantum Edge based on R81 at this time - if there is a need to reach out to us privately and we can discuss.

Are all these newer devices shipping today (1575, 1595, etc)? In not, when?

The 1500 Pro wireless and WiFi6 are shipping today. The 5G version is expected to be available in the next few weeks. 

Would SD-WAN allow us to route traffic to different routes 1500's. Today we route all traffice to harmony connect via 1590 vpn branch office but streaming services do not work. Option would be to route streaming straight out to the internet but currently not supported.

SD-WAN would allow you to make your routing conditional upon the application. So you could set a rule that streaming, zoom, teams, etc should not be routed to the VPN but rather directly.

Any plan to support some type like Maestro with SMBs?

Not planned. If you have a use case, please reach out to your local Check Point office.

Is it possible to load balance traffic through 2 or 3 wan interfaces with SMB?, same question for cluster environment.

You can achieve it today by configuring load balancing in the internet connection page. SD-WAN can also achieve the same.

R81.10.10 release date?

Expected in Q3 2023.

On the 1800, the WAN2 is unusable as it is “future use."

Indeed, we recommend to use the LAN ports as Flexiport. This will allow you to use as many WAN ports as you need. If you need the WAN2 port for the SFP and there is a significant business opportunity involved, please follow up with us.

The planned 2000 Appliance will provide 4x10 SFP that could be used as LAN or WAN.

Is it planned to enhance reporting on locally managed SMB's? for example to monitor real time bandwidth on specific interfaces in webui?

R81.10.10 will include real-time monitoring of bandwidth on specific interfaces/

How many WAN interfaces can be used simultaneously when in SD-WAN?

We tested 8 WAN interfaces.

For monitoring, are there plans to implement this with Skyline?

Yes, this is planned for R81.10.10.

Are we able to export a report on the queries for zero hit rules?

This is supported with Central Management. For Local Management, this is on the roadmap.

For High Scalability Enterprise customers concentration, Maestro/Quantum will support SDWAN?

Quantum Security Gateways already support it, Maestro will be available later this year.

Currently we have 150 GWs SDWAN guide per domain of Smart-1 Cloud. I understand that when we have Quantum 28k at concentration, we can split the domains inside VSX to support high scalability, right?

SD-WAN support for VSX is on our roadmap. We also plan to increase the number of supported GW per tenant to 500 and even more.

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