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SMB Licensing - Manual vs. Automatic


I have an SMB licensing question I am hoping someone may be able to shed some light on! 

We have a large-ish group of SMB gateways (1400s and 1500s) that have been deployed for a few years - fully licensed -- running R77.20 - centrally managed with management station on R81.10.

The SMB GWs are configured to talk to the management station and the Mgmt station is globally configured to automatically connect to the CP User Center for licenses/ contracts/ etc.  No issues there.

We recently renewed our support/ licensing with CP -- they updated our account info - and the GW objects in our management station are showing that our GW licenses are good through 4/24.

But the GWs themselves are showing that the licenses are expired.  Pushing policy to the GWs does not fix this. We can allow the GW to go out to the UC and MANUALLY re-activate the license -- takes about 3 seconds - good to go. BUT, these GWs are not configured to reach out externally - we need them to get the licensing from the Mgmt station.

We verified that the licensing and contracts file on the Mgmt station is up to date - but the GWs don't seem to pull it and the Mgmt station does not seem to push it.

We have been working with TAC and they are telling us the ONLY way to do this is by manually logging into each GW and manually re-activating each one?! All the docs indicate that this should be an automatic process -- Smart Update even prompts us that it is supposed to be automatic or can be done from the Gateways/ Servers -- licenses tab.

What are we missing?

*Our SMB platform does not support pushing this via script from the Mgmt station.

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