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Harmony Event Forwarding - Incorrect certificate instructions

Hello everyone,

In Harmony > Global Settings > Event Forwarding, when trying to add a destination, the certificate instructions make no sense.

There is a button to generate a CSR for the client certificate, but it asks to upload a server private key, which does not fit with the previous step of generating a CSR. Hovering the mouse above the question mark shows the following text:

"Output of the signing of the Certificate Sign Request with the the server's private key (.crt file)"


From my understanding the first box should be "Client Certificate", which is the certificate I signed using the CSR. The help pop up should say "with client's PUBLIC key".

The bottom box is correct and asks for the CA that signed the certificate of the server that will receive the connection, so that Harmony can verify the servers identity. Did I get it right?

I think someone should take a look at this and fix these texts, because this is very confusing even for someone with PKI experience.

Who rated this post