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We have seen the same issue and we think we know the cause of it, and a reasonanbly reliable workaround.

If you use SmartUpdate to identify a 1500 series gateway, the version will change in SmartConsole to R80.20SP. To fix it, from Smartconsole, edit the gateway object, edit the version and reselect R80.20 as the version. In our experience this will "stick" and stay that way until you attempt to use smartupdate to upgrade the firmware of the gateway.

We were using smartupdate to upgrade multiple gateways, it worked reliably aside from changing the version in Smartconsole to R80.20SP, so after the gateway upgrade has completed we had to edit the gateway objects to reset the versions.

A TAC case was logged for this, the response we got was that SmartUpdate is not supported with the 1500s and we should use LSM, not quite applicable for our environment.

When it comes to 1500 firmware upgrade time, our choices are to use SmartUpdate knowing that we will have to edit each of the gateway objects and reset the version, or manually upgrade each gateway via the device web portal.

Roll on CDT support for SMBs...



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