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New documentation format for Jumbo SK

Hi All,

We are happy to update that starting 01 May 2022, our Jumbo Hotfix documentation has been modified and re-designed to a new HTML format to provide a better user experience and search capabilities.

Update of 23 May 22

  • We have added the “List of All Resolved Issues and New Features” page to both Jumbo and SmartConsole documents for all versions:
    It contains all fixes from all previously released Takes/Builds and allows to use the Ctrl+F search together with the embedded search filter for the entire table:
    “List of All Resolved Issues and New Features” is defined as the start page of each document.
  • You can download the list of all resolved issues as CSV file:

  • “List of Takes” was moved to the top of “List of All Resolved Issues and New Features”:Stella_Sh_3-1653309983455.jpeg



  • You can access the new HTML documents from the original Jumbo Hotfix SK articles or from the “Release Map” SK article.
  • These documents support mobile devices:
    • TOC hides in the top left corner
    • You can scroll right and left in wide tables
  • The built-in search in these documents supports:
    • exact search (enclose the string in double quotes)
    • logical operators AND, OR, NOT, XOR
    In the TOC, refer to the last entry "How to Search in this Book":
  • You can export the list of fixes in a Take to a CSV file (works on mobile devices as well).
    Click the "Download CSV" button above the top right corner of the table.
  • To report specific issues in these documents, at the top of each page,
    click the 2nd button from the right on the topic toolbar:
  • If in the past you subscribed to the RSS feed in the original Jumbo Hotfix SK articles,
    then you need to subscribe to the new RSS feed in each new HTML document (for each version).
    At the top of each page, click the right-most button on the topic toolbar:

Thank you

Release Operation Group and Knowledge Management Group

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