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The ICA Management Tool is disabled by default. You can enable it on the CLI of your SmartCenter Server.

Example: cpca_client set_mgmt_tool on -no_ssl

Access the WebUI of your ICA Management Tool via : http://<ip-of-your-smartcenter>:18265

cpca_client [-d] set_mgmt_tool on|off [-p <ca_port>] [-no_ssl]
[-a|-u "administrator|user DN" ... ]

  * on starts the ICA Management Tool (on port 18265)
  * off stops the ICA Management Tool
  * -p specifies a different port to access the ICA Management Tool
  * -no_ssl starts the ICA Management Tool on http instead of https
  * -a "administrator DN"

Sample screenshot:

If your issue remains, try to work on CLI only by using the following commands:

cpca_client lscert

cpca_client create_cert

cpca_client revoke_cert

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