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Here's how to clear sessions on Check Point Maestro. I was only concerned with traffic between IPA and IPB, no matter what port is was on, so I removed that part of your script.

# let's work in the temp directory
cd /var/log/tmp
# collect the tables from all SGMs in Maestro cluster, save to a file called 'table'
g_fw tab -t connections -u > table
# filter for IP addresses we wish to clear, format the command, save to a file called 'listofall'
IPA=""; IPB=""; IPAHEX=`printf '%02x' ${IPA//./ }`; IPBHEX=`printf '%02x' ${IPB//./ }`; grep "$IPAHEX" table | grep "$IPBHEX" | grep "^<0000000" | awk '{print $1" "$2" "$3" "$4" "$5" "$6}' |sed 's/ //g'|sed 's/</fw tab -t connections -x -e /g'|sed 's/>//g'|sed 's/;//g' > listofall
# copy command file to all SGMs
asg_cp2blades /var/log/tmp/listofall
# run script on all SGMs
g_all bash /var/log/tmp/listofall
# you will get errors for 'not found in table connections' these can be ignored.


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