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CheckPoint with Dynamic IP address and CG-NAT


I am trying to deploy a CheckPoint 1450.
Its WAN public IP is dynamic and there is also CG-NAT.

I have created a DAIP object in the CheckPoint Management and the SIC connection (initiated by the CheckPoint) has the status "trust established".

However, there is an error in the SIC connection:

"Could not establish TCP connection with

** Please make sure that Check Point Services are running on CP-Test-Starlink and that TCP connectivity is allowed from Security Management Server to IP, Port 18191 **"

I assume that the management machine is trying to contact the CheckPoint DAIP via TCP port 18191 (CPD).
Due to CG-NAT, port 18191 may not be allocated to my public IP address.

Is there a way to make a CheckPoint work with a dynamic IP + CG-NAT?

Thank you for your help,

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