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How to manually delete an entry from the Connections Table

Not that you really need to use this often but it has saved my day once or twice a year. Great SK103876 is available but in a stressful situation calculating HEX numbers is the last thing you want to do and then compiling a complex command out of it is even more challenging 

This one-liner actually gives you an opportunity to generate all fw tab kill commands in one file for a pair of given IP addresses. Tested on R80.10 GW but I'm fairly confident it would work in R77. 


IPA="x.x.x.x"; IPB="y.y.y.y"; IPAHEX=`printf '%02x' ${IPA//./ }`; IPBHEX=`printf '%02x' ${IPB//./ }`; grep "$IPAHEX" table | grep "$IPBHEX" | grep "^<0000000" | awk  '{print $1" "$2" "$3" "$4" "$5" "$6}'|sed 's/ //g'|sed 's/</fw tab -t connections -x -e /g'|sed 's/>//g'|sed 's/;//g' > listofall


You will need to dump all your current connections into a file called table first of course. You may add this to front of the above to make it true one-liner.. But I found it easier to do this in two steps as you have more control


fw tab -t connections -u > table


And result is in file called listofall. Then you just execute those commands by copy-paste for example or chmod the file itself and run it.


Here's an example 


manually clear connections


And of course, you can add port numbers if needed

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