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I attached a Dockerfile for you if you like to try it out. The content is very simple and loads a basic Alpine Linux image and installs npm as well as the postman-collection-transformer:


FROM alpine:3.14

RUN apk add --no-cache npm
RUN npm install -g postman-collection-transformer


CMD ["/bin/sh"]


Finally it starts a shell.

If you have installed Docker, cd into the directory with the Dockerfile and you can build the image with the following command:


docker build -t postmanconverter .


 This builds your postmanconverter image. You can then run a container from this image with


docker container run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:/app postmanconverter


--rm removes the container after you have finished and the -v argument bind mounts the current folder into the container to /app, so you can put you postman collection json files into the same directory as the Dockerfile.

After running the docker container command you will be put into the container's shell. From her you can simply run the command "postman-collection-transformer".


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