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R80.20 is not new and missing many management capabilities. I wouldnt stay on R80.20 management and in fact most customers already upgraded their management version (they may be slow on upgrading gw’s but management upgrades are simpler and done more often). 

As indicated in past posts, most used version is still R80.40, but we already see good move of smart center and multi domain to R81x.

If you are interested in API then R81 and R81.10 have dramatically  more API’s to offer (with Web smart console, every action you see in the ui is fully supported by external API). To support these API’s we needed changes on the management itself that are not within what can change in jumbo. R81x management versions also have many other improvements around performance and stability. 

i would seriously consider management R81.10 and if not then at least R81

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