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Try this:

  1. create a script in the SMS --> vi $FWDIR/conf/autoscaling-new-instance.sh
  2. add the line below in the shell script:

    #! /bin/bash
    clish -c 'add aaa radius servers priority 1 host <@IP> port 1812 secret timout 30'
    clish -c 'add aaa radius servers default-shell /bin/bash'
    clish -c 'add aaa radius servers super-user-uid 0'

  3. Assign the execute permission to the shell script --> chmod u+x $FWDIR/conf/autoscaling-new-instance.sh
  4. Configure CME and set the relevant template to use this script --> autoprov_cfg set template –tn <CONFIGURATION-TEMPLATE-NAME> –cg $FWDIR/conf/autoscaling-new-instance.sh

You can add other command in the script for automation purpose.


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