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RFID token authentication with R81+ Raspberry Pi

For this purpose I have created a software in the last weeks, which implements this RFID autentication function with R81. For this I used the new "Generic Data Center feature" in R81.

The Generic Data Center feature provides the ability to enforce access to/from IP addresses defined in JSON files located in external web servers ona Raspberry Pi. The „Generic Data Center Objects“ are updated automatically on the Security Gateway each time the JSON file change. There is no need to install policy for the updates to take effect.

Objects created based on these files can be used as a source or a destination in the access control policy.

How does it work:

I have developed a software and hardware with Raspberry Pi that used RFID authentication. When a correct RFID token is detected, the IP of the detected user is written to a JSON file „checkpoint.txt“. In my example the RFID detection software recognised my RFID token and the IP of my laptop IP is insert in the JSON file. The JSON file is read every second by the management server and the IP is enabled in real time on the gateways depending on the rulebase.

PDF with hardware and software instructions:
Raspberry Hardware and Software Installation Guide.pdf 


Who rated this post